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Changing Perceptions Theater (CPT) offers independent 13-week workshops for elementary, middle and high school students who want to further their performance study and abilities. The CPT Saturday Drama School is lead by established actors and artistic mentors and emphasizes cultural identity, writing plays, improvisation, and ensemble work. The CPT Saturday Drama School is the perfect match for young people who are curious about acting, intending to apply to performance-based schools or are young professionals. Young people who are shy are welcomed too. The 13-week course culminates with a show for friends and families.


  • Fall 2017 Season "Monologues and Solo Performances”
  • Dates: Saturdays, October 28, 2017 - February 17, 2018
  • Time: 10AM - 1PM (13 sessions)
  • Meets in Central Harlem

  • Acting, Playwriting, Confidence Arts

  • Field Trip to Cultural Theater Event and Landmarks
  • Culminating Performance for Families


  • Elementary Group: 3rd -5th grade boys & girls
  • Middle School Group: 6th -8th grade boys & girls
  • High School Group: 9th -12th grade fellas & ladies


  • Payment Plans and Scholarships Available

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens after I submit the registration form?

A: After you submit the registration form, someone from CPT will contact you to explain more about the program, invite you for an interview and complete your registration process.


Q: What payment and scholarship options are available?

A: Payments can be broken into different fractions to accommodate student's families. Limited scholarships are available each season and will be explained when CPT contacts you. 


Q: Is the CPT Saturday Scholars Program for beginners or students who want to pursue theater arts as a profession? 

A: All classes are managed to give students a professional experience in the arts and are coordinated by CPT's Artistic Mentors who are certified mentors, expert teaching artists, and professional, working performers.


Q: What happens at CPT Drama School?

A: A lot of fun and a lot of learning. First all students come together and participate in a lesson or learning activity around culture and identity and then groups break off based on their age range and practice with their performance/ artistic mentor. Everybody comes back together at the end to show what they worked on and we celebrate any stand-outs for the week AKA The Drama Kings and Drama Queens. Sometimes there is dancing. Sometimes there is yoga. Sometimes there are waffles for breakfast. But there is ALWAYS FUN.


About Changing Perceptions Theater:

Throughout its seven-year history, CPT has instructed over one thousand youth in theater programs throughout New York City and Newark, NJ . Focusing on what CPT calls "the confidence arts," their dynamic CPT Artistic Mentors inspireyoung people's perceptions of themselves through theater, public speaking, making videos and playwriting. Changing Perceptions Theater (CPT) champions common core standards and utilizes its own culturally responsive curriculum to promote literacy skills and concepts, inspire social and emotional learning, and develop leadership competencies required for college and career readiness.  Thousands of young people have seen CPT's original youth productions at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, NYC schools and libraries, and Rutgers University in Newark that inspire them to change perceptions of their abilities and their communities. 


About Changing Perception’s Executive Director, Shaun Neblett

During his senior year in high school, Shaun began teaching English Language Arts to youth for Summerbridge, a national non-profit, enrichment program designed to assist predominantly low income students through a  "students teaching students" model. By the time he graduated from New York University in 1999 he was appointed to develop a youth theater program for Harlem Children’s Zone. Under the mentorship of Shawn Dove, CEO of the Campaign for Black Male Achievement, Shaun created a youth-theater program called H.O.T. Works that boosted the social emotional intelligence, leadership and community involvement of hundreds of children in Harlem. Shaun has taught at St. Mark the Evangelist School in Harlem, where he secured $15,000 worth of funding for the school to erect  a three-yearlong drama program. He was also a teacher and administrator at the Eagle Academy for Young Men (Bronx Campus) where he explored different pedagogy and facilitated extensive professional development on reaching male students in urban communities. Shaun established Changing Perceptions Theater (CPT) in 2010. As the company’s Executive Director, he has secured contracts to instruct over one thousand youth in theater programs throughout New York City and Newark, NJ. Changing Perceptions was selected to be a service provider for the launch of Mayor Bloomberg’s Young Men’s Initiative and was awarded funding by Harlem Arts Alliance. Shaun is a selected member of the 2017 Community Arts Education Leadership Institute. He is also an accomplished playwright whose works have been produced Off-Broadway and internationally.