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Please utilize this space to tell us a little bit about your background working with youth. Don't be shy! Let us know as much as possible. Be sure to include... What organizations have you worked with? How long have you been working with youth and why is it something that you do? What are challenges you face/have faced working with youth?
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What are you DYNAMIC at teaching youth and have concrete EXPERIENCE in Teaching Youth?
Of one or more of the skills you selected above, tell us about your philosophy teaching it to young people. What are key points you believe young people should know about the discipline? Where do you begin? Where do you go and where do you want young people to end up? How do you know you have been a successful instructor?
In the space below tell us what you think internally or from your background will make you a good Artistic Mentor for youth.
We know schedules change, but give us a sense of what your schedule is like over the next few months.

Actors Wanted


Seeking natural born actors, comedians, characters, fast-talkers. 

  • Males
  • Females
  • Black, Latino, Arab
  • Familiar with the hood
  • Aged 18-28
  • More important than anything is that they take themselves serious, show up, keep their word and have some hunger to be a part of something dope.
  • Previous acting experience isn’t necessary. An interest in acting is a plus. Acting coaches will help sharpen selected candidates up.

If interested fill out form to the right, and we will follow up with you.


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